Baby Names in 2020

Last year our dog Gypsy (our loving German Wired Hair pointer) had puppies. Nine pups. That’s right: we had a total of ten dogs in our house, in our living room! Plus kids. Plus adults. Before Gypsy gave birth my son asked how many puppies we could keep. ‘We’re not keeping any,’ I replied, & he just laughed. He & I both knew that as soon as I cuddled those puppies I’d be attached.

One of the most enjoyable things about the puppies was naming them. We knew that their future owners would take over the naming rights when they went home together, but for the first few weeks we had nine puppies to name. Knowing that the names were temporary meant we could have fun with them- deciding on permanent names would have taken a lot more thought.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make (no pressure!). Do you go with family tradition (meet my newborn twins, ‘Boris and Grace’), or celeb shock value? (The name Peaches might be cute as a baby, but would it fit in at the board-room table?). Will the name Scout for a girl work when she desperately wants a princess party? If we call him Gabriel will he still be a rough & tumble boy who loves dinosaurs & dragons? Could you screech ‘Madona!’ down a supermarket aisle? Some parents name their children after the places they were conceived, like Paris or Florence. (Just make sure as they get a bit older that you can handle the awkward conversation with them about the origin of their name). And don’t forget to make sure your child’s name works with your surname (did Richard Head actually exist?), & take in to account any initials (think OMG or LOL).

Most parents want to find that sweet spot: a name not so different their child gets teased, & not so common that it’s shared with others in their class (I still remember Sarah G. Sarah R. & Sarah W. from grade 5). Perhaps that’s why this year’s most popular baby names include Lily, Poppy, Jack & Hugo. A perfect balance between classic style & individuality.

At Nana Huchy, I have the pleasure of naming things all the time when I come up with the names of all our toys & dolls. I often name them after friends & family, or little people in my world. Sometimes it even feels like they choose their own names. I love the process of relating them to other characters in our collection. None of the names in our collection are incidental- they all mean something to me.

By the way, we didn’t keep a puppy, but only because we’re planning to breed Gypsy once more & do it all again.


Love Lucy xx

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