Cherished knitted & crochet toys like grandma's now online.

Out of all the gifts the kids receive, my kids love the box from their grandmother the best. She always sends at least one item from the Nana Huchy collection, the cutest fabric toys I’ve ever seen. As they got older, other requests were made, and she obliged, but in the end, the gifts they cherished most were the soft knitted toys from Nana Huchy.

Years later they sit, carefully placed on shelves and beds where all other toys and stuffed animals have fallen away. My teenager just requested the new glitter unicorn and Eddie the emu to add to a collection that started before she was born! There’s just something about the enduring elegance that allows each piece to transition from the fanciful engine of imagination and play to a mature and classic collectable. I don’t think they will ever outgrow them! They each started off with teddy bears that stayed in their cribs; we have pictures of them clinging to them in their sleep. As soon as they started crawling, grandma began to send legendary characters including fairies, mermaids, and even a pirate! She said they were to help facilitate adventurous dreams and lively curiosity about the world around them. Countless toy sets were discarded in mere weeks, Nana Huchy’s soft fabric has endured the test of time.

Get Fabric Toys Online that All the Kids Want.

Before long, our house was full of these unique treasures that indeed worked wonderfully to facilitate their imaginativeness. They weren’t hampered by not having the “right” plush from a mainstream collection’s toy set. They invented their own classically time-honoured tales of siblinghood, bravery, empathy, and compassion through daydreamed adventures of open seas and magical forests. The vintage style of the fabric toys allowed them to fabricate stories outside the ones they’d repeatedly seen on TV and between peers. When grandma sent the family of knitted dolls, the kids played house, on a pirate ship that was being attacked by mermaids for weeks.

On playdates, I never had to figure out which toy belonged to us because the classical style is so rare – but that didn’t stop some mates from trying to claim the pieces for their own! Now I can tell their mothers that the coveted knitted toys are online, available directly through the Nana Huchy store.

Go on a Journey of Timeless Sophistication.

Browsing fabric toys online at Nana Huchy is intuitive and will take you on a journey of vintage French-inspired items from housewares to intricately designed knitted toys. Since 2003, Nana Huchy has created premium-quality pieces with a timeless sophistication for an affordable rate. We source top-quality raw materials to produce colourful pieces that are durable and made to last. Stop settling for poorly made plush toys online that are designed to deteriorate in a few months. These fairy-tale characters make the perfect gift for boys and girls and are sure to be cherished long after the latest plush toy of the season. Gift cards are available for last-minute shoppers or finicky recipients! It’s so easy, no wonder my mother sent so many fantastic knitted toys items – and now you can too. Order online and pay $10 flat rate shipping and expedient delivery on your entire purchase.

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