Choosing a doll for a young child.

If you’re searching high  & low for the right doll for your little one, or to give as a gift to a special new baby or child you know, you’ve doubtless noticed that there are endless varieties to choose from & lots of different ways to arrive at the right decision. A doll makes a beautiful and magical gift for a baby or young child, as it opens a whole new world of comfort, cuddles, and opportunities for pretend play. Here are some thoughts on choosing the right doll for the important and unique child in your life.

If you are choosing a doll for a toddler, look for one with a soft and durable body that can withstand rough-and-tumble toddler play. Clothing that’s simple for little hands to manipulate adds interest and challenge. Toddlers and pre-schoolers love role play, carrying their dolls around and holding secret conversations with them just like a close friend. Dolls for kids at this age should be sweet and loveable and soft – but also quality-made to be able to handle whatever playtime throws at them.

Soft cloth dolls in Australia at Nana Huchy

When you’re looking for fabric dolls in Australia, Nana Huchy has you covered. Spend some time perusing our large selection of adorably whimsical rag dolls in Australia and other baby toys and gifts to find one that’s just right. At Nana Huchy, we love creating uniquely designed toys and gifts for little ones – and their mums, too. You can find our blankets, rattles, toys, home décor items, and soft dolls in Australia and New Zealand at over 1,000 beautiful boutiques. Our high-end, French-inspired pieces are affordably priced and ready for their new homes. When you shop Nana Huchy, you support a local small business owned by a mum of two young children. All toys meet the AUS/NZ safety standards. Contact Nana Huchy today with any questions, and have fun choosing your child’s next doll.

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