Delightful keepsake gifts for a newborn baby - Easy ordering online.

When a sweet newborn baby is wrapped in a snuggly blanket, it seems that all the world smiles. Watching a little baby shake and rattle a beautifully designed soft rattle brings laughter and pleasure. Soft teddy bears and fanciful animals delight the imagination. Enjoying these lovely sensations can make the day so enjoyable.

Giving a newborn a gift that can be held as a keepsake and handed down for generations, brings joy and magic to the heart. Nana Huchy invites you to explore the wonderful world of baby gifts that you can quickly order online.

Soft, Cuddly, Whimsical & Romantic

Harkening back to the days of romance and elegance of the French countryside, Nana Huchy’s newborn and baby gifts are an inspiration from a bygone era.

Soft materials coloured in hues of fairy dust, strawberries and cream, and milky blue are used to create the perfect snuggly newborn blankets to wrap your precious bundle in.

Endearing little baby rattles will have your little one smiling at the fanciful creatures and their adorable little outfits. Babies can rattle away with these soft rattles as there are no squeakers inside these exclusive little toys. Babies do not yet have the strength to squeeze away to make their toy create music, yet they can wave their adorable cherub arms so that the rattle may sing to them.

Teddy bears make the perfect baby, and newborn gifts and Nana Huchy’s teddy bears and soft animals can be ordered and gifted online with ease. Freddy the Teddy Bear once lived in the North Pole and does he have beautiful stories to tell and share with other teddy’s like Peggy Pink Ted and Billy Blue Ted. All the other soft toy animals have their extraordinary story to share as well. What a timeless gift to give. Visit the online store to order any of these gifts to share.

Nana Huchy Newborn Baby Gifts are Designed in Australia

To find the perfect material of natural fibres and pastel colours that are the trademark of Nana Huchy’s soft animal toys, rattles, warm machine-washable baby blankets, and brightly painted nursery storage boxes, meant adventuring to all the corners of the earth.

On these fantastic journeys, Lucy, owner of Nana Huchy discovered that a softer, more sophisticated and romantic pace of life was just what she needed to design and create her beautiful baby and newborn gifts. Australia was the land she chose that most suited her, and with inspiration from her own Nana’s love of elegant keepsake toys, Nana Huchy was born in 2003. All the high-end products are designed in the land she loves, Australia.

As a mum with two little active little kiddies of her own, Lucy understands the value and need for affordable, durable toys and gifts to keep her little ones happy. Sharing these delightful creations as newborn and baby gifts brings such joy and ordering them online makes shopping fun and easy.

Feel free to take a stroll through the fascinating and enchanting Nana Huchy online store and order your inimitable newborn baby gift today.

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