Find inspiring newborn baby toys at Nana Huchy.

In babies’ first few precious months of life, before they can even sit up, they are entertained and educated the most by toys they can see and hear. They are naturally drawn to faces – especially mum’s – and enjoy toys and pictures that depict friendly faces and engaging smiles. Bright colours and high-contrast patterns are captivating, as are soft music and other sounds. If you’re faced with choosing toys for a newborn, Nana Huchy can help. With a flair for the magical and whimsical, we design a beautiful collection of sweet newborn toys along with blankets, bags, storage boxes, and much more, all designed lovingly with our usual dose of imagination.

Baby Rattles

Our soft rattles offer the best of all worlds: something snuggly to touch, a beautiful design to look at, and a fun sound for baby to enjoy. Our gorgeous rattles come in a variety of fun shapes and styles, such as Albert the Croc, a lively fellow in a fun striped sweater and the perfect rattle sound. For an impossibly sweet and dreamy rattle, choose our Butterfly Baby Rattle. This butterfly features an irresistibly funny face, beautiful flowered wings, and a soft touch baby will love.

Soft dolls

Dolls make amazing newborn toys because of their humanlike faces and huggable bodies. At Nana Huchy, we offer several adorable and cuddly dolls for babies and children to love. Blossom, the Fairy Princess, is an artsy gal with a penchant for water colours, while Bubbles the Fairy can often be found daydreaming or having philosophical discussions with owls – or humans. Boris is a friendly pirate, and his pal Cash is a cowboy with a mystery to solve. Our dolls are as playful and unique as your little one, so find the perfect match today.

Storage boxes for toys

Remember that all those toys need the perfect spot to hide when baby isn’t enjoying them. Our Drum Storage Boxes are adorably quirky and hold lots of small baby toys. This set of three brightly-coloured drum-shaped boxes will enliven any nursery and look great with a range of décor. For even more storage, our King Storage Boxes offer a stack of 5 coordinating boxes decorated to look like a regal and jovial ruler.

Newborn Baby Toys at Nana Huchy

If you love the French countryside, you’ll love our collection of French-inspired products with a fresh take on the classics. We seamlessly blend the elegance of yesteryear with the practicality of modern design in an array of inspired colours, beautiful materials, and superior quality. We take our time crafting exquisite pieces that bring an extra measure of colour and happiness to our customers’ lives. Nana Huchy products are found in boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand and make ideal gifts whether you’re treating your loved ones or yourself. Sit back with a cup of tea and peruse our products, whether you’re looking for some elegant newborn baby toys or a gift for a special lady who deserves to be pampered. Contact Nana Huchytoday with any questions – we look forward to hearing from you.

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