Magical soft unicorn toys for Australia’s most imaginative children.

Your little princess’ Nany Huchy collection wouldn’t be complete without the arrival of our new glitter unicorn soft toy. How else would they travel to the other side of the rainbow to frolic among the fairies, sail off for tea with the mermaids, or conquer the audacious and rowdy pirates before making them walk the plank into crocodile-infested waters? Don’t leave them on the ground while their dreams are in the air, secure safe travels with creatively designed unicorn soft toys from Australia’s premier French-inspired small business, Nana Huchy. Shimmering with every lyrical bounce, this soft unicorn provides the ideal chariot for your child’s next magical adventure. Will they support Cash and Clancy at the rodeo or make it in time for high tea with the king? Every day is a new adventure, and now they have a powerful steed to carry them on their journey.

A Different Journey with Nana Huchy.

A mother myself, one of my favourite things to see are children developing imagination through play and storytelling skills. My classical designs foster imagination by not adhering to the modern tropes of blockbuster characters with their pre-set storylines. While fanciful in their own right, these storylines rob children of story creation, a critical-thinking skill linked to creativity in problem-solving. When children play, they mimic scenes and experiences around them to gain a better understanding of the world.

Quality and safety are just as important as play and imagination development. Our brand’s commitment to safe, top-quality materials, designs, and components, leave one less thing to worry about as your child explores the world – with their mouth. For that matter, cleanliness can be an important issue, especially with soft toys. Where many unicorn plush toys cannot withstand machine washing, our unicorn soft toys can be washed removing all the grime and gook that goes along with being a young child’s favourite toy.

Beautifully made Unicorn Plush Toys in Australia.

Nana Huchy was created to bring premium-quality classical French style to the Australian market at affordable prices. We started with housewares and grew into goods for motherhood. We’ve expanded to include a fun and whimsical collection of cloth toys, dolls, and animals specially crafted to be as durable as they are cute and sure to be as loved as they are timeless. While other unicorn plush toys in Australia are made of low-quality materials sloppily pieced together on assembly lines in faraway places, we design our pieces locally and source from premium raw materials.

We replace prints, which fade easily, with proper dying so that your unicorn soft toys from Australia never lose their colour, shape, or feel – even after multiple machine washings. Enjoy flat rate shipping on all orders and expedient delivery as a standard. If you’re shopping for a future shopper, we have gift cards available to start them on their truly fantastic adventure. Feel free to contact our friendly staff with any questions or concerns; we’re always happy to help.

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