The magical appeal of dolls & where to find soft plush cloth fabric dolls.

Of all the toys that make childhood such a magical time, dolls are an all-time favourite. Toy trends will always come and go, but dolls have a lasting appeal that makes them a memorable part of the wonder of childhood. Every child’s toy box should contain at least a few dolls – especially soft dolls, plush dolls, or fabric dolls for sweet cuddles and fantastic adventures.

The world of dolls contains a plethora of diversity, all of which are time-tested and hold a treasure trove of wonders for the children whose lives they touch. Dolls have a positive impact on children in many ways, but ultimately, these traditional toys give children a way to engage in a specific type of play: role play.

Benefits of role play.

 If you’ve ever watched children role play, you know what a delightful time it is and how beautifully it gives you insight into their young minds. When children have the freedom to engage in free or child-directed role play, they experience the opportunity to assume a different identity for a while, whether that is a brave knight, a kind, beautiful princess, or another character. Role play is a perfect chance for parents to open discussions about how the character might feel in specific situations and help children learn problem-solving and social skills through their characters. Role play helps teach children empathy and kindness, among many other lovely traits.

 When children play with soft dolls, they are immersed in creativity in its purest form. Using only their imagination and their dolls, they can create an adventurous new world, one where anything is possible. Learning to think creatively gives children a head start when it comes to the thinking skills they’ll need later in school, in their relationships, and one day at work. Playing with dolls allows children to play freely, flexing their creative muscles and developing excellent social skills. This freedom to exhibit natural behaviours also provides a valuable opportunity for parents to observe the child’s ideas, concerns, and joys.

Fabric Dolls & more at Nana Huchy.

Dolls have the power to teach children numerous things about the wide world around them – but they have another benefit that children love: they’re endlessly fun. A favourite doll is a friend for life, and the plush dolls from Nana Huchy are destined to become lifelong favourites. At Nana Huchy, we believe in the magic of childhood and the enchantment of playing with sweet and cuddly cloth dolls. Our cloth dolls are unique and fascinating, just like each child who gives one of them a home. Our quality pieces are designed beautifully and priced affordably so that every child can experience the gift of a doll to love. Nana Huchy stocks over a thousand boutique stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. Our French-inspired toys have their own personalities so that you can find the perfect companion for your little one. Support local small business while you support your child’s creative development – shop Nana Huchy for toys and gifts to please everyone on your list.

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