Soft Cloth Fabric Dolls by Nana Huchy Now Online

What is it about toys today? They either come with a bunch of pieces that get lost and don’t travel very well, or they are an assortment of cheaply made plush dolls with no spare pieces – or winning characteristics. In truth, toys are no longer made to last like the vintage pieces we grew up with in our youth. While you may still have some of the soft dolls from when you were a kid, you’d be hard-pressed to find plush dolls online today that are made with such durable staying power. After two kids, you want to do something different with your third. Change your family’s culture of flavour-of-the week trendy toys and turn to premium-quality fabric dolls now online at Nana Huchy. Since 2003, we’ve designed practical housewares and soft children’s toys right here in Australia. We’ve made a name for ourselves distributing cloth dolls to over 1000 boutiques across Australia and NZ and now offer direct access to all our collections, including our assortment of soft dolls, online.

Not Your Average Plush Dolls Online

Inspired by vintage French stylings, the Nana Huchy brand creates cloth dolls with classical themes from fantastical adventures of old. Our collection of priceless and timeless characters include the pirate, the fairy, the mermaid, the elf, the cowgirl, and so many more. Intended to be familiar to every child, these uniquely designed toys embody a fresh look and feel that is ready to take on your child’s imaginative fabrications of distant and mysterious lands. Rather than recreate the same princess and superhero tales that permeated your home during the early development of your previous children, these pieces give your child just enough to start an adventure while challenging them to progress their own plotlines.

Play is the primary way your baby learns about the world around them – well, other than eating everything. When children are encouraged to imagine, invent, and create, they develop the critical thinking skills necessary to be keen problem solvers in the future. Give them the foundation that allows them to construct new worlds -- instead of merely climbing pre-established steps -- with safe and machine-washable cloth dolls available online from Nana Huchy.

A New Family Tradition in the Making

Nany Huchy has become a household name for families looking to break away from low-quality mainstream toys. Our soft dolls, animals, and teddy bears encapsulate a classical elegance that grows with your child’s developmental interests. Soft dolls are cuddly and quickly become favourites over plastic figurines. As the child ages, they’ll naturally incorporate their favourite fabric dolls into imaginative play; initially alone, then with mates.

Once “playing” is no longer “cool,” the quiet elegance of the soft doll allows it to sit beautifully as a collector’s piece. Able to last a lifetime, start a family heirloom with an affordable, top-quality, local classic such as premium fabric dolls by Nana Huchy. As a busy mother myself, I understand that you don’t have time to run out and purchase new toys every so often. When you shop direct from my online store, you’ll get excellent customer service, expedient shipping, and flat rates on all orders large and small.