Mini Maple - Nana HuchyMini Maple - Nana Huchy

Mini Maple

$36.00 AUD
Miss Maple - Nana HuchyMiss Maple - Nana Huchy

Miss Maple

$49.00 AUD
Mini Bluebell - Nana HuchyMini Bluebell - Nana Huchy

Mini Bluebell

$36.00 AUD
Miss Bluebell - Nana HuchyMiss Bluebell - Nana Huchy

Miss Bluebell

$49.00 AUD
Miss Daisy-pink - Nana HuchyMiss Daisy-pink - NanaHuchy

Miss Daisy - Pink

$49.00 AUD
Baby Daisy Doll-Pink - Nana HuchyBaby Daisy Doll-Pink - Nana Huchy
Miss Lily-Blue - Nana HuchyMiss Lily-Blue - NanaHuchy

Miss Lily-Blue

$49.00 AUD
Baby Lily Doll-Blue - Nana HuchyBaby Lily Doll-Blue - Nana Huchy
Miss Daisy & Miss Lily Set - Nana HuchyMiss Daisy & Miss Lily Set - Nana Huchy

Parisienne Boho Dolls Collection

Here is a little doll family who don’t wear sparkles and detest fairy wings. They prefer dandelion seeds to glitter. Their colours are soothing against clean sheets; their embroidery perfect at a picnic in a timeless tree-house.  This little doll family's style crosses centuries and continents whilst staying soft and feminine. No frills and all class, please meet our Parisienne Boho Dolls; cuddly, classic dolls as comfortable in a European city as in the cubby next to the dam.