Find Beautiful Baby Gifts Including Fabric, and Knitted Toys at Nana Huchy

A baby shower is a very special occasions in a parent’s life. The mum-to-be is celebrating the impending arrival of her newest family member, and her friends and loved ones gather to offer gifts and congratulations and help get baby off to the most loving and joyful start possible. Being included in this special celebration is an honour, and you’ll want to choose a fantastic gift for mum and baby.

At Nana Huchy, we stock a variety of inimitable gifts for new babies and parents. Each piece we offer is lovingly made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each quality item is affordably priced and beautifully designed to bring you a world of gift ideas to explore. For your next baby shower, take a look at some of our best baby shower gift ideas and get ready for the mum-to-be to be simply enchanted.

Baby blankets

There’s nothing better than wrapping a newborn baby in a cloud of softness. Our 100% cotton baby blankets were designed exclusively for Nana Huchy by Sunday Ganim in Melbourne. In the pram, cot, or around the house, our luxuriously soft blankets are like a dream. Incredibly comfortable and cosy, they last for years and can handle many trips through the washing machine and dryer. Give the new arrival the gift of snuggly comfort with a timeless design. Whether you choose baby blue, fairy floss pink, sky grey, or a colourful patchwork, the perfect baby blanket is sure to be a cherished gift for years to come.

Soft toys

Soft toys make excellent baby gifts. Babies love cuddling soft knitted toys and revelling in their softness. At Nana Huchy, we offer a variety of fabric toys for the ultimate in cuddling for the littlest member of the family. Our line of sweet, snuggly fabric toys includes Baby Ellie Elephant, an ideal gift for a little girl or boy with a neutral grey colour and sweetly striped ears. Or choose our Billy Blue or Peggy Pink Ted, a happy patchwork friend with a big smile to share. For a whimsical spin on the traditional baby gift, how about Albert the Crocodile? Albert is a fun-loving vegetarian crocodile with an adorable grin and a heart of gold. Any of our knitted toys will make a memorable and cuddly gift for the new baby.

About Nana Huchy

At Nana Huchy, we offer a wide variety of high-end products designed to bring smiles to the faces of all who use them. Nana Huchy gifts can be found throughout Australia and New Zealand in over 1,000 beautiful boutique stores. For over 15 years, we’ve indulged our passion for creating unique, high-quality items for our young and young-at-heart customers. With a flair for the French-inspired, we create a range of gifts and other items including toys, blankets, home accessories, bags, decorations, and much more. Choose a fantastic baby shower gift from Nana Huchy, and your gift is sure to be the one remembered and cherished for years to come. Contact us to find out more.