Soft and Sweet Newborn Baby Toys to Order Online

Oh, the absolute joy and amazement of holding a newborn baby! The sweet little soft head, the teeny tiny fingers and toes that capture your heart. What an incredible gift a newborn baby brings.

Wanting the purest materials of natural fibres, imbued with the softest palette of colours for your newborn baby toys are what you will find at Nana Huchy’s. All the magical and delightful toys can be easily ordered online so that you can surround your precious little one with the highest quality of Australian designed whimsical toys that will be keepsakes for generations to come.

Baby Toys Inspired by the Romance of the French Countryside

Fairy dolls, whimsical soft toy animals and soft, unique rattles in fanciful shapes will delight your newborn baby for years to come.

In a bygone era of romantic France, newborn babies received lovingly crafted toys filled with magic fairy dust to keep them surrounded by charming innocence. Imagine giving a soft toy animal that will be your baby’s faithful companion or a fairy doll rattle that will keep them filled with glee and happiness.

Nana Huchy has the most enchanting online store where you can shop and read the stories of the many soft toys, dolls and rattles. Each uniquely designed creation has a marvelous story to share as many of them were quite adventurous and are looking for a forever home with your newborn baby.

Snuggling with Your Newborn Baby and Dreaming of the Perfect Toy to Share with Them

To spend the day just holding, kissing, and smiling at your newborn is where dreams are born. How beautiful to while away the hours playing with your little one with the perfect soft toy to keep them enchanted and delighted. Ordering these incomparable toys online is as magical as riding over rainbows and silver clouds. Online shopping at Nana Huchy is a wondrous and charming experience that will keep you enthralled as you explore the many personalities of every soft toy, teddy bear and rattle.

 As a mum with two little children of her own, Lucy, owner of Nana Huchy, is devoted to her unique business and loves sharing the high-end quality products with all who support locally owned small businesses. While travelling the beautiful earth in search of rare treasures, such as the finest natural fibres, colour palettes as beautiful as double rainbows, Lucy decided that the fantastical land of Australia was to be home to Nana Huchy. Beginning in 2003, Nana Huchy started designing all the whimsical and captivating newborn and baby toys. With safety and quality of the highest priority, all Nana Huchy toys meet the Australian and New Zealand safety standards.