Ballerina Bundle - Pink


$103.00 USD

Trained at an exclusive finishing school in Switzerland with her sister Posey, Miss Rosey excelled at ballet from an early age. With both parents employed in Siberia as top secret agents, the sisters were expected to follow in their footsteps. But when Rosey's dancing was paired with her sister's gift for ice-skating, the duo became over night successes. Also in this bundle is one of our classic yet unique, 25cm heart cushions beautifully made from 100% linen. Together with our cotton Bobble Blanket by Sunday Ganim they make the perfect gift for a little girl. This bundle also comes with a gift card, so complete a little note for the recipient & we can do the rest.

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Miss Rosey, Bobble Baby Blanket - Pink, Linen Heart Cushion 25cm, Stardust Gift card, packed in our signature Nana Huchy Tote Bag.

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