Beach Babes Bundle - Neutral


$114.00 USD

It must be wonderful to be a big grey in the big blue. Wanda loves all the splash-sploshing around, however, she would like a word with the manager about all the plastic. She also loves to sing and her favourite artist is Moby. Who knew an octopus could be so cuddly? Ollie does, after all, what do you think all the arms are for? Plus, being soft-bodied creatures, they are suckers for a little human huggin'. But Ollie is the only octopus that can rattle, making her a rare catch for any sea-loving child. Together with our cotton Patchwork Blanket by Sunday Ganim they make the perfect gift for a boy or girl. This bundle also comes with a Unisex Hippo gift card, so complete a little note for the recipient & we can do the rest.

(You save $59)

Wanda Whale, Patchwork Baby Blanket - Grey, Ollie Octopus Rattle, Herbet Hippo Gift card, packed in our signature Nana Huchy Tote Bag.

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