Rainbow Wall Hanging


$39.00 USD

Have you heard of the rainbow hunt?

This beautiful movement is spreading worldwide, bringing hope & little bit of fun for children (and adults!) going on their daily walks. People are placing rainbows in their windows, on their front doors or at their gates for people to join in the hunt. 

Why don’t you play along too? When you order our Rainbow wall hanging display it somewhere so people in your neighbourhood can spot this colourful symbol of hope when they pass by.

Don't forget to share a photo of your rainbow on social media using #rainbowhunt #countingrainbows to spread the hope. Encourage your friends by tagging them in the post & I’d love you to tag @nanahuchy too.

As more & more people play along, it won’t be long until the children in your neighbourhood will be counting rainbows!!

After every storm, there is a rainbow, no matter how long it takes to show up. 

Dimensions: 48 x 26 x 5cm
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