A Forever Magical Friend: Unicorn Soft Toys to Share Glitter and Cuddles With

After a day of play catching butterflies and chasing rainbows comes to an end, how delightful to share a cup of hot cocoa with a magical unicorn soft toy. Unicorns are extremely rare creatures that seek you out as a special friend. Being chosen by a unicorn soft toy can help to ensure years of magic, glitter, and snuggles.

As unicorns are filled with light and love, cuddling with an artistic unicorn soft toy that is made with snuggly, plush-like material will help to keep your child’s heart filled with enchantment and wonder. A unicorn can help you see all the colours of the rainbow, including one that only a unicorn can see - glitter! What a special friend to have indeed.

As unicorns only believe in the finest of magic, only the finest of soft, durable fabric and material is used in bringing these wonderful creatures to life.

Unicorn Toys Will Find You at Several Beautiful Boutiques Throughout Australia and New Zealand

While gliding over rainbows throughout Australia and New Zealand, keep an eye open for beautiful boutiques that twinkle with French inspiration. You will be called to these lovely, high-end boutiques by the unicorns, designed by Nana Huchy, and they will invite you into their stores for a full display of unicorn toy magic.

As unicorns only live in boutiques that are locally owned, it’s part of the game to seek out these small family owned boutiques. As we now know, unicorn toys will seek you out as their special friend, so it’s exciting to find these unusual places so that your Nana Huchy unicorn can go home with you.

Ooh La La - French Inspired Unicorn Soft Toys Designed in Australia - A Match Made in the Glitter Clouds

While chasing rainbows throughout the world, Nana Huchy became entranced with the beauty and romance of France. Upon returning home to Australia, this inspiration of elegant French style led to the creation of soft toys made with beautiful, natural materials in colour tones as charming as a children’s paint box.

Every unicorn soft toy that allows Nana Huchy to design and bring to life is meticulously crafted with superior quality, designed to last for years and to be handed down through generations. Unicorn soft toys insist that only materials that create a velvety, plush-like feel to them may be used in the making of their little soft bodies.  As each toy is brought to life with high-quality magic, local boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand wait with delight and anticipation for their magical creatures to arrive in their stores.