Gift Card Keith KoalaNanaHuchy Gift Card-Keith Koala
Gift Card Kylie KangarooNanaHuchy Gift Card-Kylie Kangaroo
Gift Card Eddie EmuNanaHuchy Gift Card-Eddie Emu
Gift Card Aussie XmasGift Card Aussie Xmas
Gift Card-Ken the Kookaburra
Gift Card-Spike the Echidna
Gift Card Kimmy the KoalaGift Card Kimmy the Koala
NanaHuchy Gift Card-Pete Platypus
Gift Card Aussie Xmas x5
6 pack of  Aussie Gift Cards6 pack of  Aussie Gift Cards
Gift Card-Karen the Crocodile

Aussie Cards Collection

Designed by a local artist in Victoria & made in Australia, these Aussie greeting cards are a convenient addition to the perfect gift. Featuring native Australian animals from the Nana Huchy animal kingdom, the magic of matching gift cards to your present is a special detail often overlooked. Keith the Koala is a true blue pal, Kylie Kangaroo has a sweet little joey, Eddie Emu is minding some precious emu eggs, Ken the Kookaburra has a tiny matching friend & the Aussie Xmas gift card features three of our favourite Aussie animals having a merry ol’ time. The only other thing needed is the perfect inscription for your loved one, written by you, of course. Available online or in-store across Australia.