Eddie the Emu - Nana HuchyEddie the Emu - Nana Huchy

Eddie the Emu

$55.00 AUD
Mini Keith Koala Rattle - Nana HuchyMini Keith Koala Rattle - Nana Huchy
Miss Daisy-pink - Nana HuchyMiss Daisy-pink - NanaHuchy

Miss Daisy - Pink

$49.00 AUD
Daddy Dino - Nana HuchyDaddy Dino - Nana Huchy

Daddy Dino

$35.50 AUD $49.50 AUD
Miss Poppy - Nana HuchyMiss Poppy - Nana Huchy

Miss Poppy

$35.00 AUD $59.00 AUD
Baby Daisy Doll-Pink - Nana HuchyBaby Daisy Doll-Pink - Nana Huchy
Woodstock Wigwam Doll's Teepee-Coral - Nana HuchyWoodstock Wigwam Doll's Teepee-Coral - Nana Huchy
Miss Luna - Nana HuchyMiss Luna - Nana Huchy

Miss Luna

$35.00 AUD $60.00 AUD
Woodstock Wigwam Doll's Teepee - Aqua - Nana HuchyWoodstock Wigwam Doll's Teepee-Aqua - Nana Huchy
Bush Baby Bundle - Nana HuchyBush Baby Bundle - Nana Huchy

Bush Baby Bundle

$150.00 AUD

Unique Gifts For Kids Collection

Looking for a gift and it needs to be unique? Nana Huchy has you covered with our selection of Australian designed Children’s Dolls, Soft Toys, Teepees and bundles. Check out or range from Festival of play dolls, Aussie Animal Soft Toys creatures & Kenyan Kindness Dolls.  You’re sure to find something they are going to love & treasure forever.