NanaHuchy - Banjo Koala Music BoxNanaHuchy - Banjo Koala Music Box

Banjo Koala Music Box

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Nana Huchy - Bush Hush Baby Boy SetNana Huchy - Bush Hush Baby Boy Set

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Have you ever longed for a music box that is soft & snuggly & can be cuddled all night long? Well, look no further as there’s no plastic to be seen here! Mr & Mrs P (for Parrot) have the most luxurious tail-feathers & gently sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Banjo & Tilly Koalas are also singing sensations & can’t wait to lull your little one to sleep. Simply tug on their cords to hear them sing! The sweetest gift for a baby shower or young child, our unique music boxes also come in a stunning bundle package.

Nana Huchy Toy Music Boxes are available both online & in-store across Australia, we’re excited to share with you our extensive collection of boutique dolls.