Clover The CowNanaHuchy Clover The Cow

Clover The Cow

$29.00 USD
Clover the Cow Hoochy CoochieClover the Cow Hoochy Coochie
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Forever Friend Cow SetForever Friend Cow Set
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Mini Clover the Cow RattleMini Clover the Cow Rattle
Max the Dog Hoochy CoochieMax the Dog Hoochy Coochie
Max the DogMax the Dog

Max the Dog

$37.00 USD
Mini Max the Dog RattleMini Max the Dog Rattle
A grow set of DogsA grow set of Dogs

A grow set of Dogs

$71.00 USD
Caz the Koala Hoochy CoochieCaz the Koala Hoochy Coochie
Caz the Cuddly KoalaCaz the Cuddly Koala
Mini Caz the Cuddly Koala RattleMini Caz the Cuddly Koala Rattle
A grow set of Cuddly KoalasA grow set of Cuddly Koalas
Pixie the Bunny Hoochy CoochiePixie the Bunny Hoochy Coochie
Pixie the BunnyPixie the Bunny

Pixie the Bunny

$25.00 USD
Pixie the Bunny Pink RattlePixie the Bunny Pink Rattle
A grow set of Pink BunniesA grow set of Pink Bunnies
Sophie the Sheep Hoochy CoochieSophie the Sheep Hoochy Coochie
Sophie The SheepSophie The Sheep

Sophie The Sheep

$32.00 USD
Forever Friend Sheep SetForever Friend Sheep Set
Mini Sophie the Sheep RattleMini Sophie the Sheep Rattle
Forever Friend Bear SetForever Friend Bear Set
Benny the Bear Hoochy CoochieBenny the Bear Hoochy Coochie
Mini Benny the Bear RattleMini Benny the Bear Rattle
Lewis the LionLewis the Lion

Lewis the Lion

$35.00 USD
NanaHuchy Jimmy the ElephantNanaHuchy Jimmy the Elephant

Jimmy the Elephant

$37.00 USD
Benny the BearBenny the Bear

Benny the Bear

$35.00 USD
Bonnie Bunny Hoochy CoochieBonnie Bunny Hoochy Coochie
Bonnie The BunnyBonnie The Bunny

Bonnie The Bunny

$22.00 USD
Forever Friend Bonnie Bunny SetForever Friend Bonnie Bunny Set
A grow set of Bonnie BunniesA grow set of Bonnie Bunnies
Lewis the Lion Hoochy CoochieLewis the Lion Hoochy Coochie
Forever Friend Lion SetForever Friend Lion Set

Hoochy Coochie Collection

Explore our classic Hoochy Coochie Collection which includes our revolutionary & oh-so-snuggly baby sleep aid, the Hoochy Coochie Puppet Comforter. An all-in-one comforter, hand puppet & story time aid, the Hoochy Coochie also includes a secure dummy attachment so your child will always have a soother close at hand. This collection showcases & expands on some of our most popular Nana Huchy soft toys: good listener Sophie the Sheep, chatty Clover the Cow, cheeky Benny the Bear, boogie-boarder Lewis the Lion, & lightning-fast Max the Dog. Caz the Cuddly Koala, Jimmy the Elephant & Bonnie the Bunny are also keen to make your acquaintance, & why not treat a newborn or toddler with a Grow or Forever Friend Set of their favourite animal from the Nana Huchy Animal Kingdom: we especially love the Forever Friend Cow Set & the Grow Set of Lions.