Nana Huchy - Roy & Rupert Rooster SetNana Huchy - Roy & Rupert Rooster Set
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NanaHuchy - Roy the RoosterNanaHuchy - Roy the Rooster
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Roy the Rooster

$59.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Henry the Highland CowNanaHuchy - Henry the Highland Cow
NanaHuchy - Heidi the Highland CowNanaHuchy - Heidi the Highland Cow
NanaHuchy - Charlie the ChickenNanaHuchy - Charlie the Chicken
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NanaHuchy - Charlie the Chicken RattleNanaHuchy - Charlie the Chicken Rattle
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Nana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow SetNana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow Set
Nana Huchy - Charlie the Chicken SetNana Huchy - Charlie the Chicken Set
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Nana Huchy - Rupert & Bubba Rooster SetNana Huchy - Rupert & Bubba Rooster Set
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NanaHuchy - Bubba Rooster RattleNanaHuchy - Bubba Rooster Rattle
Nana Huchy - Poppy PigNana Huchy - Poppy Pig

Poppy Pig

$43.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Lucy Lamb-CreamNana Huchy - Lucy Lamb-Cream

Lucy Lamb - Cream

$37.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Coco The Cow-CreamNana Huchy - Coco The Cow-Cream

Coco The Cow-Cream

$43.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Coco The Cow-BlackNanaHuchy - Coco The Cow-Black

Coco The Cow-Black

$43.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Felix The FoxNanaHuchy - Felix The Fox

Felix The Fox

$43.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Clover The CowNanaHuchy - Clover The Cow

Clover The Cow

$42.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Stormy the Horse - Make it PersonalNana Huchy - Stormy the Horse - Make it Personal
Nana Huchy - Thunder the Horse - Make it PersonalNana Huchy - Thunder the Horse - Make it Personal
NanaHuchy - Henry the Highland Cow CharcoalNanaHuchy - Henry the Highland Cow Charcoal
NanaHuchy - Randy the RoosterNanaHuchy - Randy the Rooster

Randy the Rooster

$54.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Randy & Bubba Rooster SetNana Huchy - Randy & Bubba Rooster Set
Nana Huchy - Bill the DuckNana Huchy - Bill the Duck

Bill the Duck

$43.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Mini Sophie the Sheep RattleNanaHuchy - Mini Sophie the Sheep Rattle
NanaHuchy - Buddy DogNanaHuchy - Buddy Dog

Buddy Dog

$60.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep - CreamNana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep-Cream
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Nana Huchy - Clover Cow Double TroubleNana Huchy - Clover Cow Double Trouble
NanaHuchy - Max the DogNanaHuchy - Max the Dog

Max the Dog

$55.00 AUD
NanaHuchy - Sophie The SheepNanaHuchy - Sophie The Sheep

Sophie The Sheep

$47.50 AUD
NanaHuchy - Heidi the Highland Cow CharcoalNanaHuchy - Heidi the Highland Cow Charcoal
Nana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow Set Charcoal
Nana Huchy - Clover & Coco Set - BlackNana Huchy - Clover & Coco Set - Black
Nana Huchy - Mini Bill RattleNana Huchy - Mini Bill Rattle

Mini Bill Rattle

$27.00 AUD

Farm Friends Collection

Meet the residents of the most adorable farm in Australia! Whether you’re after a classic gift for a new baby, or something special for a toddler or older child, our huge variety of classic Farm Friends will undoubtedly have the perfect cuddly companion for everyone. From shaggy Highland Cows like our most popular farm friend Henry, to swaggering roosters like old mate Roy, to handsome Charlie the Chicken, chatty girls Clover and Coco the cows, to gentle geese & dopey dogs, these precious softies are thoughtfully designed to become soft-toy favourites. See if you can find some of your favourite Farm Friends in a matching Hoochy Coochie comforter or baby rattle. Want to make a gift go that little extra mile? Check out some of our beautiful bundles like the Henry & Heidi Cow Set, the Roy and Rupert Rooster Set, or our Grow Set of Cows, made especially to grow with your little one.