Henry & Heidi Cow Set - Nana HuchyHenry & Heidi Cow Set - Nana Huchy
Aussie High Flyers - Nana HuchyAussie High Flyers - Nana Huchy

Aussie High Flyers

$79.00 AUD
Clover Cow Double Trouble - Nana HuchyClover Cow Double Trouble - Nana Huchy
Aussie Wanderers - Nana HuchyAussie Wanderers - Nana Huchy

Aussie Wanderers

$69.00 AUD
Clementine Doll Set - Nana HuchyClementine Doll Set - Nana Huchy
The Sammy Set - Nana HuchyThe Sammy Set - Nana Huchy
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The Sammy Set

$90.00 AUD
Bobby & Button Pair - Nana HuchyBobby & Button Pair - Nana Huchy

Bobby & Button Pair

$69.00 AUD $99.00 AUD
Henry Moo Cow Set - Nana HuchyHenry Moo Cow Set - Nana Huchy

Henry Moo Cow Set

$130.00 AUD
Heidi Hoo Cow Set - Nana HuchyHeidi Hoo Cow Set - Nana Huchy

Heidi Hoo Cow Set

$110.00 AUD
Henry & Heidi Cow Set Charcoal - Nana Huchy
Miss Daisy & Miss Lily Set - Nana HuchyMiss Daisy & Miss Lily Set - Nana Huchy
Sammy Loves Lucy Set - Black - Nana Huchy
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Hazel Doll Set - Nana HuchyHazel Doll Set - Nana Huchy

Hazel Doll Set

$99.00 AUD

Gifts for Twins Collection

Sometimes it’s hard trying to find a gift for one child, but two? Our gifts for twins are designed to be similar so there is no arguments but unique enough that they have their own identity. There are gifts for twins here for girls & boys or a combination of both. We have done the hard work for you & paired our products together so you can select from Angel Dolls, Soft Toy Foxes, Aussie Animal Soft toys & Dinosaurs. Many of our Soft Toys & Dolls have a matching gift card you can add to your order with a personalised note. You’re sure to find something they are going to love & treasure forever.