Max the Dog - Nana HuchyMax the Dog - Nana Huchy

Max the Dog

$55.00 AUD
Boots the Dog-Black - Nana HuchyBoots the Dog-Black - Nana Huchy

Boots the Dog - Black

$49.00 AUD $60.00 AUD
Boots the Pup - Black - Nana HuchyBoots the Pup-Black - Nana Huchy

Boots the Pup - Black

$32.00 AUD $41.00 AUD
Buddy Dog - Nana HuchyBuddy Dog - Nana Huchy

Buddy Dog

$60.00 AUD
Gift Card - Buddy the Dog - Nana HuchyGift Card - Buddy the Dog - Nana Huchy
Scruff Dog - Nana HuchyScruff Dog - Nana Huchy

Scruff Dog

$49.50 AUD
Boots the Dogs Set - Nana HuchyBoots the Dogs Set - Nana Huchy

Boots the Dogs Set

$79.00 AUD $99.00 AUD

Children's Dog Soft Toys Collection

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but we firmly believe that pups prefer the company of kids. We have some loyal & oh-so-snuggly canine companions to become your newest family members (minus the slobber)! Buddy Dog is a shy & gentle boy; Max the Dog has floppy ears & bundles of cheeky energy; big Boots the Dog & little Boots the Pup have adorable eye-patches; & Scruff Dog has the longest, scruffiest doggy beard you could hope to find. All of our soft toys are designed to become forever friends (& when they do, don’t forget you may need a spare!). You can also find doggo rattles, greeting cards, & Hoochy Coochie baby comforters—paw-fect as newborn gifts