Nana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow SetNana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow Set
Nana Huchy - Snowy the Goose SetNana Huchy - Snowy the Goose Set
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Nana Huchy - Charlie the Chicken SetNana Huchy - Charlie the Chicken Set
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Nana Huchy - The Dinky Dino SetNana Huchy - The Dinky Dino Set

The Dinky Dino Set

$79.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Remy Reindeer Set

Remy Reindeer Set

$65.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Clover & Coco SetNana Huchy - Clover & Coco Set

Clover & Coco Set

$75.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Aussie Mates Gift PackNana Huchy - Aussie Mates Gift Pack
Nana Huchy - Randy & Bubba Rooster SetNana Huchy - Randy & Bubba Rooster Set
Nana Huchy - The Brothers SetNana Huchy - The Brothers Set

The Brothers Set

$99.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Forever Friend Koala SetNana Huchy - Forever Friend Koala Set
Nana Huchy - Forever Friend Pixie Bunny SetNana Huchy - Forever Friend Pixie Bunny Set
Nana Huchy - Henry & Heidi Cow Set Charcoal
Nana Huchy - Karen the Croc SetNana Huchy - Karen the Croc Set

Karen the Croc Set

$70.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Caz Cuddly Koala SetNana Huchy - Caz Cuddly Koala Set
Nana Huchy - Pixie Pink Bunny SetNana Huchy - Pixie Pink Bunny Set
Nana Huchy - Clover & Coco Set - BlackNana Huchy - Clover & Coco Set - Black
Nana Huchy - Clover Cow Double TroubleNana Huchy - Clover Cow Double Trouble
NanaHuchy - Keith Koala & Mini RattleNanaHuchy - Keith Koala & Mini Rattle
NanaHuchy - Kylie Kangaroo & Mini RattleNanaHuchy - Kylie Kangaroo & Mini Rattle
Nana Huchy - Aussie High FlyersNana Huchy - Aussie High Flyers
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Aussie High Flyers

$79.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Teddy Tiger SetNana Huchy - Teddy Tiger Set
Nana Huchy - The G'day GangNana Huchy - The G'day Gang
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The G'Day Gang

$95.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Ken the Kookaburra SetNana Huchy - Ken the Kookaburra Set
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Nana Huchy - Spike the Echidna SetNana Huchy - Spike the Echidna Set
Nana Huchy - Roy & Rupert Rooster SetNana Huchy - Roy & Rupert Rooster Set
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Nana Huchy - New Aussie Mates - ToysNana Huchy - New Aussie Mates - Toys
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Nana Huchy - Aussie WanderersNana Huchy - Aussie Wanderers
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Aussie Wanderers

$69.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - A grow set of BearsNana Huchy - A grow set of Bears

A Grow Set of Bears

$105.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Forever Friend Sheep SetNana Huchy - Forever Friend Sheep Set
Nana Huchy - The Sammy SetNana Huchy - The Sammy Set
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The Sammy Set

$90.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - Miss Maple SetNana Huchy - Miss Maple Set

Miss Maple Set

$75.00 AUD
Nana Huchy - The Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink BlueNana Huchy - The Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink Blue

Sets Collection

Searching for a gift that goes the extra mile? Or perhaps you need multiple toys for older & younger siblings, best friends, or big families? We've done the hard work for you & put together some of our favourite soft toys, matching baby rattles, Hoochy Coochie comforters & dolls from the Nana Huchy collection. Celebrate our gorgeous native wildlife with our Aussie Mates Gift Pack, the Mob of Seven Aussie Softies, or our Keith Koala & Mini Rattle set, a delightful choice for a bub just beginning to grasp things. For one lucky child (or twins!), you can opt for some of our favourite Farm Friends with our shaggy Henry & Heidi Cow Set or handsome Roy & Rupert Rooster Set. Or why not pamper a newborn with our special Forever Friend Cow Set, A Grow Set of Lions or A Grow Set of Bears, toys that grow with the child. We also have a gorgeous selection of sets that come with Australian-made illustrated Gift Cards. Watch this space for fabulous NEW sets coming soon. When you buy our sets & bundles, you save.