NanaHuchy Sebastain DollNanaHuchy Sebastain Doll

Sebastian Doll

$20.00 USD $28.00 USD
NanaHuchy Super Boy DollNanaHuchy Super Boy Doll

Super Boy Doll

$21.00 USD $30.00 USD
Prince HarryNanaHuchy Prince Harry

Prince Harry

$14.00 USD $27.00 USD
NanaHuchy Clancy the CowgirlNanaHuchy Clancy the Cowgirl

Clancy the Cowgirl

$27.00 USD
Super RockyNanaHuchy Super Rocky

Super Rocky

$20.00 USD $29.00 USD
NanaHuchy Boris The PirateNanaHuchy Boris The Pirate

Boris The Pirate

$20.00 USD $28.00 USD

Dolls For Boys Collection

The Nana Huchy Toy Collection is designed in Melbourne, by Lucy, a Mum of two boys. So naturally we do boys toys too! Our Dolls for Boys are timeless forever friends that are great for interactive play. You can remove the goggles from Superboy or swap hero capes from Super Dawg. Sebastian is a classic French inspired doll & if you’re giving it to a newborn he has a matching rattle. Please enjoy our curated boutique style toy range, available both online and in-store across Australia.