Baby Honey Bunny-GirlNanaHuchy Baby Honey Bunny-Girl
Baby Honey Bunny-BoyNanaHuchy Baby Honey Bunny-Boy
Baby Honey Bunny Girl -PinkBaby Honey Bunny Girl -Pink
Baby Honey Bunny Boy- BlueBaby Honey Bunny Boy- Blue
Baby Honey Bunny Boy- Mustard
Baby Honey Bunny Girl -Mustard
Pixie the Bunny Hoochy CoochiePixie the Bunny Hoochy Coochie
Pixie the Bunny Pink RattlePixie the Bunny Pink Rattle
Pixie the BunnyPixie the Bunny

Pixie the Bunny

$25.00 USD
Bonnie The BunnyBonnie The Bunny

Bonnie The Bunny

$22.00 USD
Bella The BunnyNanaHuchy Bella The Bunny

Bella The Bunny

$30.00 USD
Mini Bonnie Bunny RattleMini Bonnie Bunny Rattle
Bonnie Bunny Hoochy CoochieBonnie Bunny Hoochy Coochie
Button the BunnyButton the Bunny

Button the Bunny

$24.00 USD $34.00 USD
Bobby the BunnyBobby the Bunny

Bobby the Bunny

$24.00 USD $34.00 USD
Roy the RoosterRoy the Rooster
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Roy the Rooster

$40.00 USD
Rupert the RoosterRupert the Rooster

Rupert the Rooster

$40.00 USD
Bobby the Bunny RattleBobby the Bunny Rattle

Bobby the Bunny Rattle

$13.00 USD $19.00 USD
Bubba Rooster RattleBubba Rooster Rattle
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The Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink BlueThe Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink Blue
Misty Bunny WhiteNanaHuchy Misty Bunny White

Misty Bunny White

$27.00 USD $53.00 USD
Bill the DuckBill the Duck
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Bill the Duck

$29.00 USD
Ballerina Bunny Set WhiteBallerina Bunny Set White

Ballerina Bunny Set White

$45.00 USD $67.00 USD
Bella Bunny Blue Gift Pack Bella Bunny Blue Gift Pack 
Bella Bunny Pink Gift Pack Bella Bunny Pink Gift Pack 
Gift Card Bill the DuckGift Card Bill the Duck
Bill the Duck & Stick RattleBill the Duck & Stick Rattle
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Mini Bill RattleMini Bill Rattle

Mini Bill Rattle

$19.00 USD
Bill the Duck RattleBill the Duck Rattle
Mother BunnyNanaHuchy Mother Bunny

Mother Bunny

$12.00 USD $17.00 USD
Bella Bunny Rattle-PinkNanaHuchy Bella Bunny Rattle-Pink
Bella Bunny Rattle-BlueNanaHuchy Bella Bunny Rattle-Blue

Easter Bunny Soft Toys Collection

We understand that each child is unique, and the soft toy they choose to cuddle up to in the cot or take along in the pram can sometimes surprise us. The only thing they have to be is super soft. That’s why our Bunnies are so soft your little one will never let them go. All of our soft toys are designed to become forever friends & when they do, don’t forget you may need a spare! We have had countless enquiries from desperate parents searching for another Bonnie the Bunny as the first one went astray. Please enjoy our carefully selected boutique style toy range, available both online and in-store across Australia.