Mini Marshmallow-Silver - Nana HuchyMini Marshmallow-Silver - Nana Huchy

Mini Marshmallow-Silver

$20.00 AUD $37.00 AUD
Sugar Lips Fairy-White - Nana HuchySugar Lips Fairy-White - Nana Huchy
Grace Ballerina-White - Nana HuchyGrace Ballerina-White - Nana Huchy

Grace Ballerina - White

$35.00 AUD $59.00 AUD
Misty Bunny White - Nana HuchyMisty Bunny White - Nana Huchy

Misty Bunny White

$35.00 AUD $79.00 AUD
Kimmy Koala - Peach - Nana HuchyKimmy Koala - Peach - Nana Huchy
Kimmy Koala - White - Nana HuchyKimmy Koala - White - Nana Huchy
Yolanda the Unicorn-Peach - Nana HuchyYolanda the Unicorn-Peach - Nana Huchy

Yolanda the Unicorn - Peach

$15.00 AUD $23.00 AUD
Yolanda the Unicorn-White - Nana HuchyYolanda the Unicorn-White - Nana Huchy

Yolanda the Unicorn - White

$15.00 AUD $23.00 AUD

Children's Ballerina Dolls Collection

Nana Huchy’s children’s dolls are no ordinary doll collection: designed with love, these beautiful toy dolls are full of charm & personality. Our Children’s Ballerina Dolls include friends like Betty Ballerina & Paris the Fairy. You’re sure to find the perfect companion for the little person in your life. Available both online & in-store across Australia, we’re excited to share with you our extensive collection of boutique dolls.