Rupert the RoosterRupert the Rooster

Rupert the Rooster

$40.00 USD
Roy the RoosterRoy the Rooster
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Roy the Rooster

$40.00 USD
Bill the DuckBill the Duck
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Bill the Duck

$29.00 USD
Bubba Rooster RattleBubba Rooster Rattle
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Button the BunnyButton the Bunny

Button the Bunny

$24.00 USD $34.00 USD
Bobby the Bunny RattleBobby the Bunny Rattle

Bobby the Bunny Rattle

$13.00 USD $19.00 USD
Bobby the BunnyBobby the Bunny

Bobby the Bunny

$24.00 USD $34.00 USD
Pixie the Bunny Hoochy CoochiePixie the Bunny Hoochy Coochie
Pixie the Bunny Pink RattlePixie the Bunny Pink Rattle
Pixie the BunnyPixie the Bunny

Pixie the Bunny

$25.00 USD
Bella The BunnyNanaHuchy Bella The Bunny

Bella The Bunny

$30.00 USD
Charlie the Chicken RattleCharlie the Chicken Rattle
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Snowy the GooseSnowy the Goose

Snowy the Goose

$30.00 USD
Charlie the ChickenCharlie the Chicken
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Baby Honey Bunny-GirlNanaHuchy Baby Honey Bunny-Girl
Baby Honey Bunny-BoyNanaHuchy Baby Honey Bunny-Boy
Baby Honey Bunny Girl -Mustard
Baby Honey Bunny Boy- Mustard
Baby Honey Bunny Girl -PinkBaby Honey Bunny Girl -Pink
Baby Honey Bunny Boy- BlueBaby Honey Bunny Boy- Blue
Bonnie The BunnyBonnie The Bunny

Bonnie The Bunny

$22.00 USD
Mini Bonnie Bunny RattleMini Bonnie Bunny Rattle
Bonnie Bunny Hoochy CoochieBonnie Bunny Hoochy Coochie
A grow set of Bonnie BunniesA grow set of Bonnie Bunnies
Bella Bunny Pink Gift Pack Bella Bunny Pink Gift Pack 
Bella Bunny Blue Gift Pack Bella Bunny Blue Gift Pack 
Misty Bunny WhiteNanaHuchy Misty Bunny White

Misty Bunny White

$27.00 USD $53.00 USD
The Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink BlueThe Baby Honey Bunny Set - Pink Blue
Snowy the Goose SetSnowy the Goose Set
Roy & Rupert Rooster SetRoy & Rupert Rooster Set
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Ballerina Bunny-WhiteNanaHuchy Ballerina Bunny-White
Mother BunnyNanaHuchy Mother Bunny

Mother Bunny

$12.00 USD $17.00 USD

Easter Gifts For Kids Collection

Think outside the (chocolate) box this Easter & give your loved ones something to treasure forever with one of our Easter soft toys or Easter accessories. Our huge range of soft toy rabbits is so cute- who knew toy bunnies could have so many different personalities. And check out our sweet little bunny baby rattles. We’ve even got soft toy ballerina bunnies to share with you. So spread the cuddles this Easter and enjoy our Easter toys; you can find the whole gang online or in-store across Australia.