The Change Angels & Bonnie the Bunny

The Change Angels are not a charity as such, instead they work with individual charities to obtain an "Authorisation to fund raise" on behalf of registered charities.

In 2015 "Agent" Joanne Sutton (The Change Angels Founder) accepted her Mission to find a comfort toy to be given to children who are admitted to Child Protection Units across Australia. As hard as it is to accept, sadly many Australian children are admitted to hospital after enduring unspeakable cruelty. They are alone, scared, confused & horribly injured. Naturally, when hearing of this Lucy (Nana Huchy Co-Founder) wanted to help.

Together, Joanne & Lucy created Bonnie the Bunny Campaign. Bonnie the Bunny is a double pay it forward campaign. For $35 you buy a comfort bunny - Bonnie the Bunny, but you don't buy it for yourself, you buy it for a child who's been admitted to hospital with injuries from abuse or neglect. 100% of profits are donated to various charities such as Bravehearts & Barnardos Australia to help support some of Australia's most vulnerable children. So both bunnies & money go to kids in need. 

This heartwarming campaign has been running for 5 years & raised $82,000. With 2000 Bonnie the Bunnies being delivered to Children's hospitals in NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria, the Northern Territory & WA.


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