Save the Koalas

Australia is home to some of the most unique & uniquely adorable animals on the planet; koalas, with their fleecy ears, soft white chest & sweet button eyes have always held a special place in people’s hearts. 

In the last ten years, Australia’s east-coast koalas have seen an extreme decline in numbers with loss of habitat, widespread disease & bushfires being some of the contributing factors. In 2022, koala populations in Queensland, NSW and the ACT were newly listed as ‘Endangered’ under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, meaning they are now vulnerable to extinction. 

We cannot bear to imagine a world where the toy koala is the only koala, so we partnered with the incredible organisation Friends of the Koala in a campaign to raise funds for our fluffy, gumtree-dwelling friends. $5 was donated from the purchase of every Keith the Koala & Caz the Cuddly Koala toy & we are pleased to report that with your help, Nana Huchy was able to raise $2000 for a cause that is so close to our hearts.  

Friends of the Koala operate a 24-hour koala rescue service & koala hospital in the Northern Rivers region where they admit over 350 koalas per year. They work tirelessly to protect koalas during bushfires, engage in koala habitat protection & regeneration, & raise money for koala research, education & advocacy across the country. 

To donate to or learn more about this fearless organisation, check out their website:

Take care,

Lucy & the Nana Huchy Family

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