Helping our Aussie Animals

As an Aussie business with iconic Australian animal toys, Nana Huchy is passionate about giving back. We want to help you to contribute to the bigger picture by giving something precious to someone you love.

That's why we decide we wanted to raise money for @wireswildliferescue, this organisation is committed to wildlife rehabilitation in the aftermath of Australia's catastrophic fires. With your help we raised a total $6060 which we donated directly to @wireswildliferescue.

The characters in our Aussie Animal collection are not your average Aussie souvenirs. Suitable for newborns right up to toddlers and beyond, they're soft, cuddly, full of personality and that tongue-in-cheek Nana Huchy style. So light they make the perfect present to post to friends and family overseas, our Aussie Animals are also gender neutral.

But as special as the toys are, right now it's urgent we protect the real thing.

We've all seen the photos of displaced koalas & starving kangaroos with their joeys. WIRES is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia. They're made up of volunteers, and operate 365 days a year. WIRES provides over the phone emergency advice for orphaned or injured wildlife, as well as supporting smaller volunteer groups and environmental universities to ensure the future for the growing number of animals with loss of habitat.

Never in their 30 year history has WIRES ever seen anything like these fires. Normally WIRES has several hundred thousand visitors to their website a year but following the bushfires they had over a million in a couple of days.

Imagine a world where the toy koala is the only koala left...

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