Babies Love our Rattles

Looking for something for the sweet little percussionist in your life? Carefully selected with love, our children’s rattles are as close to handmade rattles as it gets. Whether it’s unicorn rattles, Australian animal rattles, super hero rattles or fairy rattles, these are quirky, cute and a gift straight from the heart.


A present for a newborn is a decision not to be underestimated. Because it’s essentially something for the mother too, you want to give something useful and beautiful, something she and the baby can both treasure. Something too that, perhaps, can be passed down to siblings. Something that becomes woven into the fabric of the household, as if it had always been there.


Our baby rattles possess this special quality. There’s something magical about each rattle’s personality: whilst scrolling through you just know which one is the right one for you- its as though they’re winking right at you. It sounds silly, but they’re definitely not your average rattle.


As babies grow into toddlers, they often move into a version of role-play. Our rattles can morph from purely a toy to shake, to a little friend in their own right. Once they have their place in the cot, there’s no going back! (For more ideas on role-play check out our Children’s Tee Pees; also our Jungle collection and Under the Sea collection provide great inspiration for creating stories and adventurous new worlds).


Some of our other essential gifts for new mothers and their babies include NanaHuchy’s beautiful 100% cotton baby blankets (perfect for the cot or the pram, or anywhere really), and our soft toy collection (including our Aussie animal collection for babies overseas). We also have locally designed gift cards to match soft toys, which add an extra touch of magic for your loved one.


On practical terms, our monochrome rattles, like our little zebra rattle for example, are great to engage a new born (who can only see black, white and grey for the first three months). We also include lots of gender neutral rattles for when the baby’s gender is the ultimate surprise!


Also, while hand squeaker toys have limited squeaks, these gorgeous baby rattles will never run out of rattle! And unlike squeakers, there's no toddler strength needed to produce the desired sound: babies will enjoy rattling these little softies as gently as they please.


In addition to all this, Nana Huchy rattles are super light to post to friends and family overseas (our Aussie Animal collection is also great and light weight for far away loved ones).


Available both online and in-store across Australia

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