What babies learn in their first three months & where to find newborn baby toys in Australia.

The first three months of life are an incredibly magical time when babies begin to learn all about the world around them. After learning to recognise their parents’ voices, faces, and touch and associate them with comfort, they start responding more and even smiling. As babies begin to spend more time alert and develop a more profound curiosity about the people and things they see, they also start to gain strength and coordination. Parents can encourage this healthy curiosity by talking to their little ones a lot, responding to their attempts and vocal expression, and by providing plenty of age-appropriate toys.

In these first few precious months, parents will witness their little one’s personality emerge. At first, babies depend on other people to initiate interactions. However, by the end of this phase, babies can engage those around them using vocalisations, gestures, and facial expressions. Their world grows by leaps and bounds as their eyesight and hearing improve, allowing them to distinguish between different sights and sounds more accurately. Babies watch their parents’ faces and listen to their voices carefully and respond with those sweet gurgles and coos we love so much.

During this time, babies will also learn to open and close their tiny fists and can hold onto a rattle when another person places it into their hands. Soon, they’ll discover that they are causing the rattle to make its sound by shaking it. They’ll find their little hands and discover that they can use them to reach for, swat at, and grasp a favourite toy.

Encouraging baby’s development.

Parents can encourage their babies to learn in numerous ways. They can respond to baby’s vocal sounds by speaking or making other vocal expressions themselves to encourage their babies to continue using their voices. This is the beginning of language for a baby, and it opens the door to the world of conversation.

Babies at this age are also fine-tuning their sense of touch. It’s crucial to provide bright objects such as newborn baby toys in Australia. Toys of varying shapes, sizes, and textures help babies learn lots of different things about their world. Parents can try holding a toy just out of reach for baby to try to grab. They can also clap baby’s hands together gently, stretch their arms out wide, move their legs back and forth, or shake a rattle for baby to focus on and follow with their eyes, all of which help babies learn and play.

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