Aussie Animal Toys

Looking for a present for family or friends with children overseas? Look no further than our Aussie Animals collection. Light and easy to post, these Aussie animal toys are not your typical souvenir. Soft toy emu's and adorable emu rattles, platypus rattles and kangaroo gift cards by local artists are just some of the home-grown treasures on offer.

Full of personality and down to earth charm, these Australian toys and Australian gift cards are also perfect for your tree-change friends. Also check out our bush baby bundle- a group of Australian baby presents including gender-neutral cotton blanket and soft toy emu.

When looking to give something typically Australian it can be hard to find something beyond the typical cliché. Markets and toy shops are full of toy koalas and joeys in pouches but where is the personal touch? In contrast, our collection continues to offer the signature Nana Huchy style of individuality and personality. Our cute toy echidna wears a scarf, for example, and Eddie the Emu’s expression is one of a kind. Each member of our Aussie Animal collection is both soft in your little one’s hand and tasteful on the nursery shelf. At Nana Huchy we’re tongue in cheek and celebrate classic style at the same time, and our Aussie animals are a true reflection of this.

If you’re not tied to the idea of your soft toy animals being Aussie, then why not explore our other soft toy collection- whether it be soft toy robots, soft toy dragons, one of a kind boutique princess dolls or toys of a jungle theme, we’ve got you covered. Everything is cuddly and snuggly, full of personality, and hand picked by us.

For very little ones, our Aussie animal children’s rattles (we’ve got lots of other rattles in other collections too, from super hero rattles to mini giraffe rattles and more) are the smarter choice over hand squeaker toys, as there’s no toddler strength required to produce the desired sounds. They also never run out of rattle!

All available online & in-store across Australia.

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