Meet our Farm Friends

Welcome to the Nana Huchy Farm, where life’s simple pleasures are enjoyed by the cutest farm animals going around. Meet Frank the Frog, Bill the Duck, Herbie the Horse, Charlotte and Sammy the Sheep, and sweet little Lucy Lamb. 

From soft toy sheep that are either free standing or teddy-style, to adorable soft-billed ducks, these farm animals are packed with all the signature style & subtle flare you recognise from Nana Huchy.

But things weren’t always so simple for this cuddly crew…

We’ve come up with some cheeky tales for our companions, making them extra full of personality and extra receptive to your little one’s cuddles. Sensitive Frank the Frog falsely believed he was being judged by Charlotte the (black)sheep, who was only feeling introverted as she recovered from being shunned by her old flock. Lucy Lamb’s best friend Sammy the Sheep is the only sheep who naps on his back after eating all the grass in the paddock, while Bill the Duck and Herbie Horse rock matching Mohawks. 

Enjoy creating your own stories with our cuddly little farm gang, a fresh take on classic farm animal companions. Whether you’re looking for toy lambs your children can stand up to create worlds in their own back yards, soft toy frogs, or parent and baby toy ducks, you’ve come to the right farm. 

 All of our Nana Huchy Farm animal soft toys are friendly, fluffy, fresh & familiar.

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