The Rainbow Hunt

Recently I’ve been taking quiet a few walks around the streets with my kids, like most families in isolation. The other day we decide to drop off some notes in our neighbour's letter boxes. We invited them to play a little game called the #rainbowhunt.

This beautiful movement is spreading world wide, bringing a little bit of hope during this crazy time. All you have to do is display a rainbow that can be seen by people passing by. As more & more people join in, it won’t be long until kids (and adults!) will be counting rainbows on their daily walks.

Want to play? Well if you’re not the crafty type, then when you order our Double Rainbow, we will send 1 to you & 1 to a friend. Double rainbows are believed to mean two things; good luck and change. In this time of significant change in the world I would like to do my part to promote some hope & bring joy to children through my Nana Huchy designs. I truly hope you join the rainbow hunt.

Please feel free to share the joy it brings by tagging @nanahuchy #countingrainbows #rainbowhunt even if you are painting rainbows or creating other rainbows.

Stay home & Stay safe


Update July 2020, Here in Victoria we are still in stage three restrictions under lockdown. Our beautiful felt rainbows have sold out, so we suggest you have a look at the Cloud Wall Hanging.

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