Nana Huchy - Pronounced Hoo-chy...

Hoochy Coochie Coo, Nana Huchy friends! We are thrilled to share with you our Hoochy Coochie Collection

This collection expands on some of our most popular Nana Huchy soft toys: Neddy & Freddy the Teddies, Sophie the Sheep, Jimmy the Elephant & Clover the Cow. Now we also have cheerful Lewis the Lion & cheeky Benny the Teddy joining the Nana Huchy animal kingdom.

The most anticipated addition to our Hoochy Coochie Collection is our revolutionary & oh-so-snuggly baby sleep aid, the Hoochy Coochie puppet comforter.

What is a comforter?
A cross between a soft toy & a small blankie, comforters encourage positive sleeping habits & calmness in babies. The comforter can be popped down Mum's top or spend the night in her bed to help absorb the distinctive, familiar scent & then transferred to baby to aid sleep. Mum's scent is a powerful recognition prompt that reduces stress in infants & teaches them to self-soothe through the night. 

For parents of young children & babies, so much revolves around sleep & keeping your little one feeling safe & snug. In developing our Hoochy Coochie, we wanted to make things that little bit easier for Mums and Dads—to cover all the bases & then some.

After what feels like an eternity of brainstorming, conceptualising, & fine-tuning, we have expanded on the traditional baby comforter to include some fabulous extra features that aren’t found with other baby comforters on the market!

Puppet time!
As well as being a comforter, the Hoochy Coochie has a convenient hand-sized pocket that instantly transforms it into a puppet toy & story time aid. Mum or Dad (or Nan & Pop) can use the puppet at bedtime to captivate their little one, helping them relax & wind down. The Hoochy Coochie can then be nestled in the cot or bed for your child to quietly cuddle up to as they drift off to sleep.

This versatile puppet feature also gives you & your baby hours of fun, strengthening the bond between child & parent. It can also step in as a nifty distraction tool to help the medicine go down, bring some laughs to those dreaded toilet training sessions, & encourage good behaviour during feeding times (more eating, less food-flinging!).
Does your bub have older brothers or sisters? Why not get them on board with the puppet theatrics too & with any luck, you’ll have two happy campers for the price of one (not to mention less sibling squabbles).

Dummy attachment
Dummies can be essential tools to help settle babies & toddlers, but we know all too well how quickly they get themselves lost. Whether they're spat out of the pram, hide in the folds of blankets or slip deep down into the sleeping bag during naptimes, the vanishing act of your child’s dummy can lead to disaster! Thankfully, our secure Hoochy Coochie dummy attachment means your bub will always have a their dummy close at hand. 

We're confident that our gorgeous new Hoochy Coochies will become your little one’s most treasured comfort toy.  

The name Hoochie Coochy stemmed from the pronunciation of Nana Huchy. People often pronounce this Hutchy, it’s also a play on someone ooing and cooing to a baby “Hoochy Coochie Coo” during puppet playtime”

To make ordering easy we've created a number of practical gift bundles that include a Hoochy Coochie; a Forever Friend Set, a Grow Set, a Hoochy Coochie Backup Bundle, or a Newborn Bundle.

For details on Safe Sleeping please visit Red Nose (formally SIDS) for further information.

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