Our Newest (& Cutest) Farm Friends

The most adorable farm in Australia has some exciting new residents to introduce to you. 

Meet Rupert the Rooster with his superb good looks & charming swagger. He hasn’t been here long but already he’s crowing every morning like he owns the place! His little cousin Bubba Rooster Rattle follows Rupert wherever he goes, trying to pick up tips on how to sing the perfect cock-a-doodle-doo at sunrise.

Loveable but clumsy Snowy the Goose also tails Rupert the Rooster, who she has quite the crush on. She has been stirring up trouble with some of the older Nana Huchy farm residents by getting herself trapped in Charlie the Chicken’s coop,splashing headfirst into Bill the Duck’s pond, & getting her webbed feet stuck in Peggy the Pig’s mud pen. But it’s all just water off a duck’s back to Snowy (or should we say, water off a goose’s back)! Snowy even has her very own baby rattle.

Wise old Roy the Rooster watches the chaos unfold with both amusement & exasperation. He particularly tries to keep an eye on his nephew Rupert & his bouncy little grandson Bubba. Everyone on the farm, young & old, turns to reliable Roy for advice.

Joining us from international shores, we are also pleased to welcome Diego the Donkey (and his gorgeous matching baby rattle), who hails from the snow-tipped Andes mountains in Peru. Diego is a budding soccer champion (or campeón de fútbol, as he would say in Spanish). A carefree spirit with a lust for life, Diego enjoys bantering & kicking the soccer ball around with Herbie the Horse all day long!

Next we have husband & wife Henry & Heidi the Highland Cows, the most delightfully shaggy duo to ever settle on the farm. Henry was a little nervous about his wife’s idea to move them all the way across the world from the highlands of Scotland to Australia, but he couldn’t imagine another life now. Henry does feel some regret, however, that he wasn’t able to find the Loch Ness Monster before they left Scotland. Oh well, not to worry—Bill the Duck & Frank the Frog told Henry ALL about the legendary Bunyip hiding in the farm lake.

Poor Heidi is not so happy about her husband’s obsessions with mythical monsters but she knows they keep him busy at least. Heidi is a warm & affectionate lass who loves baking oatcakes & buttery shortbread. She also prefers staying warm to being cold (which was why Australia appealed so much!).

And finally, we are thrilled to present BFFs Miss Hazel & Miss Clementine. These two free-spirited dolls love to mix & match cute outfits & go on adventures around the farm. From running through the berry patch & cartwheeling in the daisy fields, these fun-loving besties will instantly bring a smile to your face. On weekends, the girls set up a lemonade stall outside Clem’s house to make a little pocket money, & poor Uncle Roy has to constantly chase little Bubba away before he slurps up all their homemade lemonade for himself. Poor Bubba has quite the sweet tooth (despite having no hen’s teeth).  

We hope you enjoy meeting our soft, snuggly & oh-so-affable new Farm Friends just as much as we do.


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