Rug Up - New Baby Blankets

The ideal bedtime buddy for little lovebugs, our baby blankets are designed in Melbourne and feel fabulous on baby’s delicate skin. Made from 100% Oetek-tex approved cotton (signifying quality cotton manufacturing), they’re soft, durable and made to last. Take them from the cot to the couch and back again, then pop in the wash as needed. Nana Huchy's collection of baby blankets were recently featured on Mumsgrapevine who provided these valuable tips when deciding on the best blanket for your bub.

Keeping baby snug as a bug during the night goes a long way towards a better sleep (for them and for you). And as the winter months roll in, there’s no better time to invest in a cozy baby blanket for cuties to cuddle into.

Soft enough to sleep with yet light enough to take on their travels, a baby blanket needs to provide snuggle bunnies with the ultimate comfort while being lightweight and breathable for when the nighttime wriggles begin.

Comfort: Comfort is key. Ensure the material is soft enough for baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, and that no harsh chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process.

Size: As well as keeping baby warm they make fantastic play mats, sunshades and nursery decoration. Think about the size and uses you’d like the baby blanket to have before purchasing. Our blankets measure 80 x 100cm which make them perfect for using between the pram & the cot.

Design: As lovely as tassels and ribbons are, they are not considered safe for sleeping. Try to stick to a simple design until bub is a little older.

Washability: Like all things a baby needs and uses, the baby blanket may get a little messy. Look for a material that is machine washable and one that dries quickly – the sooner bub is reunited with their blankie the better. Nana Huchy Baby Blankest are all made form 100% Oetek approved cotton, suitable for washing on appropriate settings & frying much faster than wool.

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