Say G’Day to our Aussie Animals!

The Nana Huchy outback is bustling with life. We know you love Australia’s unique & uniquely adorable fauna just as much as we do, so why not celebrate them with our soft, scruffy, feathery, jumpy, spiky, snappy, yet undeniably snuggly Aussie Animals Collection?

Shy Keith the Koala loves to give the fluffiest cuddles, life coach Eddie the Emu dishes out some ripper life advice, & Kylie the Kangaroo makes a yummo bush tucker breakfast. We also have a blossoming range of bundles, where we curate our quintessential Nana Huchy gifts to take the hassle out of choosing. Our Mob of Aussie Animals & Aussie Mates Gift Pack feature some of our favourite bush friends, & our popular Bush Baby Bundle is a wonderful gender-neutral choice for a new baby. 

Ken the Kookaburra is the self-appointed king of the bush & he loves it when Mini Eddie Emu Rattle & Mini Kylie Kangaroo Rattle laugh along with him by rattling their tiny tummies. It’s especially noisy among the gumtrees when the Mini Mob of Seven Aussie Rattles joins in the chorus. Pete the Platypus is always begging Ken to stop cackling for just a second so he can impress him with his latest philosophical theories, which gentle Spike the Echidna struggles to wrap his head around. Karen the Crocodile keeps herself busy by ordering the bush residents to do her bidding, but little does Karen know that all the Aussie Animals are receiving free therapy from Eddie Emu who says they shouldn’t let her boss them around anymore.

This fair dinkum collection features stunning home-grown treasures that are perfect for sharing with friends and family overseas or little ones closer to home. Packed with personality & down-to-earth charm, these Australian toys & illustrated Australian gift cards are true blue delights.

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