Nana Huchy - Sammy the Sheep-CreamNana Huchy - Sammy the Sheep-Cream
NanaHuchy - Sophie The SheepNanaHuchy - Sophie The Sheep

Sophie The Sheep

$32.00 USD
Nana Huchy - Sammy the Sheep-BlackNana Huchy - Sammy the Sheep-Black
Nana Huchy - The Sammy SetNana Huchy - The Sammy Set

The Sammy Set

$60.00 USD
Nana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep-CreamNana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep-Cream
Nana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep-BlackNana Huchy - Charlotte the Sheep-Black
NanaHuchy - Sophie Sheep Rattle
Nana Huchy - Sammy Sheep RattleNana Huchy - Sammy Sheep Rattle

Sammy Sheep Rattle

$16.00 USD
Nana Huchy - Baa Baa Black Sheep BundleNana Huchy - Baa Baa Black Sheep Bundle
Nana Huchy - Sammy Loves Lucy Set - Black
Nana Huchy - Lucy Lamb-CreamNana Huchy - Lucy Lamb-Cream

Lucy Lamb-Cream

$25.00 USD
Nana Huchy - Mumma & Lucy Lamb SetNana Huchy - Mumma & Lucy Lamb Set
NanaHuchy - Mini Sophie the Sheep RattleNanaHuchy - Mini Sophie the Sheep Rattle
NanaHuchy - Sophie the Sheep Hoochy CoochieNanaHuchy - Sophie the Sheep Hoochy Coochie
Nana Huchy - Newborn Blue Sheep BundleNana Huchy - Newborn Blue Sheep Bundle
Nana Huchy - Forever Friend Sheep SetNana Huchy - Forever Friend Sheep Set
Nana Huchy - Sammy Loves Lucy Set - Cream
Nana Huchy - A Grow Set of SheepNana Huchy - A grow set of Sheep
Nana Huchy - Backup Bundle Hoochy Coochie SheepNana Huchy - Backup Bundle Hoochy Coochie Sheep
Nana Huchy - Newborn Pink Sheep BundleNana Huchy - Newborn Pink Sheep Bundle

Sheep Soft Toys Collection

With sheep favoured as a newborn gift around the world, we have expanded our range from our classic Sophie the Sheep, a Nana Huchy original & ongoing bestseller, to include sweet little lambs, woolly baa-baa black sheep, adorable mini rattles & cosy Hoochy Coochie comforters. If you’re lucky, you might even spy George the Goat, who hangs out in the sheep paddock from time to time. Our growing oh-so-soft sheep collection is ideal for any gender & is the perfect go-to gift for a new baby.

Nana Huchy soft toys are available both online & in-store across Australia, we’re excited to share with you our extensive collection of gifts.