Mermaid a Trois


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What is a 'Mermaid a Trois' I hear you ask? Well it's the perfect bundle of all three Nana Huchy Mermaids of course!

Milla is a bit of a rebel & lots of fun, she just arrived on our shores from the Seychelles. Despite warnings from her more cautious twin sister Mia, Milla hitched a ride on a seahorse & arrived here in record time. Right now she's exhausted from the journey, but when Milla wakes up she'll be ready to design bikinis, draw colourful cruise ships & find precious pearls in rock-pools.
Milla's sister, Mia is exhausted from the launch of her new swimwear label, she’s a classy business mermaid. Often frustrated by her reckless sister Milla, Mia enjoys polishing her coral collection, making driftwood mobiles and talking fashion.
Their cousin Mimi is as a freshwater mermaid (a spiritual, introverted clan), she recently left her home of inland waterfalls to swim to the coast & meet her cousins, Milla & Mia. Travelling along rivers by the light of the moon (daylight was too risky: fishermen), Milla mapped her journey by reading the stars. She enjoyed a few weeks in the sand & surf with the other mermaids, but soon felt the call to return to her heart place. You can now find Mimi back in her peaceful mountain home of majestic waterfalls & native peacocks, a pink hibiscus behind one ear.

In this bundle you'll receive the three Mermaids all wrapped together in our signature tote bag.

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