The G'day Gang


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Ken is the self-appointed King of the bush, but his friends don’t protest as Ken has earned his title. Ken always knows how to cheer somebody up with his witty jokes & infectious laugh. This, coupled with his supremely soft, fluffy chest & silky-smooth wings, makes him the perfect King and best friend when the chips are down.

Christened as Simon, Spike originally took offence when his 'funny friend' Ken the Kookaburra gave him his prickly nickname. This was, of course, until the day he realised the irony. You see as far as ‘spikes’ go Spike doesn’t make a very good echidna... His hair is the smoothest & softest in all of Australia.

Keith’s shyness is eclipsed only by his huge heart. So afraid of the world is Keith that he often spends months clinging to his eucalyptus tree. Recently, however, from the vantage of his leafy abode, he spotted his mates Spike & Ken. Keith took a big eucalyptic gulp, climbed down his treehouse & gave them both a cheery G'day.

They're now a happy trio - The G'day Gang: Ken the Kookaburra, Keith the Koala & Spike the Echidna.

Echidna Measures 27cm
Koala Measures 30cm
Kookaburra Measures 25cm
Suitable for 0+
Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.

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