Teepees for the Toys!

Our children’s doll tee pees are versatile & timeless. If you’re looking for something that will engage your child time & time again, incite creativity and entertain both the individual child and groups of children, you’ve hit the jack-pot. An innovative take on the doona and pillows cubby house, these tee pees are beautiful addition to any child’s bedroom or play-space. A tasteful, unique sure fire hit for the whole family to enjoy.

Our Children’s doll tee pees are so much fun, whether your little one wants to play mummies and daddies, cops & robbers or hide and seek. A member of our Festival of Play collection, these tee pees are an inspiring example of the magical possibilities out there in the world beyond the same old predictable pastels.

Instead, our Festival of Play collection thinks outside the box to bring you unique and culturally diverse cross section of dolls, children’s rattles and accessories to inspire your children in new and diverse ways.

Create worlds within worlds, using Jose the toy horse, our Mama India doll or the cutest Camilla the Camel Baby Rattle. Have a tea party in our beautiful doll’s tent. Ranging from the very young up past toddlers and beyond, the Festival of Play has something for everyone.

Why not create a themed party around the Children’s Tee Pee: dress up, have a tea party with a princess doll, get creative. Or maybe a teddy bears picnic with one of our adorable soft toys? The ideas are endless.

Gender neutral & across age brackets, these tee pees also make a special gift. Looking for something for the child who has everything? Our tee pees are the blank canvas for their imagination. No need to set up and take down, no need for rules or instructions- open the door to the tee pee and the world’s your oyster. Especially useful on a rainy day!

These children’s tee pees are also great for quick clean up as you can easily hide the mess inside and close the door (which parent doesn’t love that idea?). Effortlessly collapsing down into a beautiful stowaway storage bag, these tasteful indoor cubby houses are the perfect addition to any place space. Gender neutral colour schemes and roll up window flaps seal the deal.

Don’t forget to check out our children’s soft toys and children’s dolls to up the role-play games and let the magic begin! Maybe the tee pee is a castle for our dragon soft toy, or princess doll? Perhaps even an underwater palace for some members of our under the sea collection, or a tomb deep in the Amazon for our jungle crew.

Let the adventures begin!

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